Speak Life!

“Kind words are like a life-giving tree” (Prov. 15,4)

Sometimes we don’t even realize how important is to pay more attention to what we speak. The Bible says: “Kind words are like a life-giving tree, but lying words will crush your spirit.” Or an other version uses the expression: “A gentle tongue…” How can we be one of with gentle tongue and kind words?

1. Be empathetic and encouraging. You may give hope someone who feels depressed, hopeless, you may enthuse a sick friend so he can fight, or you just can listen them. It’s very wise if you realize when you should talk and when it’s better to listen and be quiet. But when you speak, make sure your words are uplifting instead of demanding. It ain’t easy, because people are different, sometimes you have to treat them differently. But people who encourages others are warriors of God, who fight against the loss, depression and despair.

2. Tell the truth with love. It’s hard to tell the embarrassing truth someone we love, but this is an essential part of a real friendship. The Scripture says: “You can trust what your friend says, even when it hurts. But your enemies want to hurt you, even when they act nice.” (Prov. 10,32) And also told us: “When you talk, you should always be kind and wise. Then you will be able to answer everyone in the way you should.”(Coloss. 4, 6)  The truth told with love can hold people back from the wrong, stubborn ideas, and you can help them to have a free, plentiful life.

3. Ask God to give you the right words. “Good people know the right things to say, but the wicked say things to make trouble.”(Proverbs 10,32) How can know which words are appropriate to lift up that person? Well, first you should get to know him/her as much as you can, than ask God to help you with the right words. He said: “Don’t worry about what you will say. Say whatever God tells you at the time. It will not really be you speaking. It will be the Holy Spirit.”

4. Let your words be the words of life. “The teaching of the wise is a source of life; their words will save you from deadly traps.”(Prov. 13,14)  I suppose you meet a lot of people during a day. They don’t know what you’re thinking about or what kind of person you are in the depth of your heart. They will know and judge you according to your spoken words. (And behavior, of course) So if you’re having a bad day, when the nice words don’t come, but complaining, it’s wise to remain  quiet. The World is also seeking for kind and encouraging people. They need words what bring them eternal life from death. So today, be the one who speaks the words of healing and life!

Inspired by Bob and Debby Gass


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