Vármező – Hidden places #1

If I would try to write about some famous place or city, probably you’d already know about it, or you would find much more information in the big world of the Internet. So I thought I should describe less known, but lovely places I’ve been.

DSCN7882 copy

Today I want to write about a nice place, near my hometown. Vármező is a small, friendly village in Transylvania, yet it has some peculiarities. Firstly, it’s name translated to English means “Fields of the fortress”, and it comes from the old fortress, which stood on a hill called “Várhegy”, ages ago. Unfortunately, now only pieces left. The village is surrounded by hills, so I think the “fields” comes from the glade, which now is covered by streets and houses.

It’s about 38 km from our town, so it’s a great place for getting away from the rush and just relax, breath fresh air. And what’s more relaxing than fishing? Well, a lot of things are, for me. But at some point, at some age, almost every man feels the calling for fishing. (At least in my country.) So as my dad. And his friends. But their family gets bored after long waiting, especially when they don’t catch a single fish. So Vármező gives a great opportunity for everyone. There are two lakes, full of bred trouts, so the catch is guaranteed. The access is free, you only have to pay for the caught fishes. And the best part for the rest of the family is the nice yard with swings, benches and of course the lovely restaurant next to the lakes. We’re  tired of fishing, but how could we resist the smell of the freshly grilled fish? ^.^






DSCN7756 copy

DSCN7807 copy
Anyway, I had a great time there. I also went for a walk out of the streets, took some pictures with my sister. I think the village has a typical Transylvanian vintage feeling, which i like very much. I wish we could have visited and seen how many pieces left from the old fortress. Hopefully, next time I will. 🙂

DSCN7744 copy

DSCN7741 copy

DSCN7998 copy

DSCN7946 copy

DSCN7939 copy

DSCN7933 copy

DSCN7885 copy



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