Getting out from your comfort zone


These past three months have brought a quite big change in my life. In many ways. I won’t try to create a perfectly composed post now, just write my thoughts and experience.

The story actually started on the end of August, when I found out I won’t be hired to the company I was looking and hoping for…

It was more of a surprise than a tragedy, I guess I just got used to that these kind of things with school and work related stuffs, just always happened easily and smoothly for me. Now I had to realise: I spent my whole summer with travelling and organising camps, celebrating my last vacation in mind that I’ll have a place to start working from September, and now I have no idea what to do and I have to actually look for a company, decide where to work. Let’s admit that’s a usual grown up situation and task, nothing tragic.

Well, maybe, but I still had to do my first step out of my comfort zone. I wrote my list with companies who hire web developers, prioritise them according to the human and programmer language (: Funny actually, but that’s the truth, the country I live in has not the same language as my native one, so that’s a plus challenge for me. I knew I will have to learn Romanian also, I only wanted to avoid an interview in RO language. Pussy me. I thought a new place is enough challenge for me, I didn’t want to push myself “too hard” with language differences also. God thought in a different way.

The first company who I was writing for didn’t answered yet, for the second I had a wrong email address, the third scheduled the interview for the end of September. Meantime I’ve got the right email address for second company, they instantly called me, so I postponed the meeting with 3rd. Of course I was still concerned a bit if I choose wisely, not to say that when they called, the girl was speaking in Romanian which freaked me out a bit not gonna lie. I thought they are all Hungarian people, stupid me. Anyway, I pulled myself together and went to the interview as a confident and brave girl. It went quite well, although they told me about a special system which was a bit difficult for me to understand for the first time, we had two  meetings, interviews with leaders, etc. The question was: Do I want their offer? What is my first impression about company, do I like it? The answer was: Yes. So on 21th of September I’ve got hired for my first job as a QA Engineer!

Yep. Not a web developer, as I was planning, but a QA (Quality Assurance). So in a week, I had to learn what will be my actual job for 3 months, know a lot of new people, get used to the environment, the project, systems, etc. My mentor was a Ukrainian guy whom I had to speak in English every day through Skype, and learn what to actually do. And although I had to get used to it, I loved it, this whole new chapter, I liked a lot. So after a week I thanked to God that I forgot that the company is not full Hungarian. 🙂

I won’t explain more details, here I am after 3 months and I couldn’t be more thankful for my job, although I had and will have to face a few changes. I really like my colleagues, the project, I’ve managed to learn the QA job quite shortly, I liked how me and my mentor could work. I just felt motivated all the time and liked what I do. I participated on a few special events, met colleagues from other countries, and got to know more the Web team also. The last two weeks were tough, I had a lot to do, a lot of responsibility, a lot of change. D. moved to an other company, I will also move to web department soon, and my QA path will end. So I literally feel like when I get used to something, I will face with a new challenge, a new “problem to solve”. And that’s totally ok, the main thing I’ve learned during these months is to always follow your path, challenge yourself, don’t be afraid of change and pushing yourself out from comfort zone! That’s what makes us stronger, keep in a good shape and give motivation. Also, funny, cause I have way less time now, but still I learned how to focus more of those things which makes me happy and motivated.

Wish you and for myself to continue this in 2017!




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